bridge pedal 2015

I am a teacher, a designer and an artist living in beautiful Portland, Oregon. And I have a pet peeve—waste. Whether it’s water, Starbucks coffee cups or the last bit of salad in the bowl, it makes me ponder. How did we get here and so quickly?  “Planned obsolescence” has something to do with it—a concept originally introduced in the 1930’s to end the Great Depression by artificially shortening
the life of goods to increase production and desire. And our economy continues to be based on the model of increased production even while we try to figure out ways to make our limited resources continue to pay out. The good news is we’re on to this. If culture, design, production and marketing are inter-connected in creating our habit
of waste then we as a community can change the culture. Join me in this on-going conversation so we may all
better understand how choices or actions can influence one another and propose solutions for everything from how we do our shopping to how we advocate change at multiple levels.


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